Monday, August 31, 2009

Mi Casa

I still don't have one! I submitted an offer 6 weeks ago and the seller accepted and now we've been waiting to hear back from the seller's lender if the offer is acceptable (it's a short sale.) It turns out that my offer was never received up until 10 days ago. :( I have finally been told today that they're trying to expedite the process because of some glitch that made my offer get lost. I'm so done with waiting! If you're looking for a house right now, avoid short sales at all cost. Sometimes they're more hassle than what they're worth! Here's a few pics of the house I put an offer on:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wicked Awesome

Hillary and I went to Wicked July 3rd. I LOVED it! I took work off on Friday so we'd be able to make it on time. We ran a little bit late leaving so we had to race a little bit faster than normal. It turns out we stressed over nothing because we got to the auditorium early and were even able to fit delicious Texas Roadhouse in. The only downer of the night is a crochety old woman told us to turn off Glee that we were watching on my iPod or else she would confiscate it. It was a bit retarded. We stepped outside while we waited for the show and watched it on the steps instead.
We got to sit on the 9th row and to the side. I thought our seats were great! Glinda's character was hilarious and spunky and SO likeable. We ended up not getting home until 2 in the morning and I was exhausted and crabby. I don't have any pictures of our cultured selves, but here's one of Glinda and Elphaba that performed in Tempe. If it comes to your city, GO SEE IT!