Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have repeatedly asked my sister Chelsea to email me the pictures I took while visitng my sister in Kansas. (I left my camera there on accident.) She has failed. Royally. I have been forced to use pictures that are not from that particular trip but from others. Here's a picture of me when Chelsea picked me up. I look a little frazzled because of the rushing through the airport and then a 3 hour flight with little air conditioning flowing through the plane.

Here's Chelsea and Ryan before we go out to a restuarant that has 1 dollar bills stuck to a wall. The weather was hot and humid. I definitley have Kansas off of my list of places to live.
Their dog Thunder was actually mellow this time. It made staying there much more enjoyable. Although, he did throw up on me one morning. That made me dry heave. Bleh.

Lawrence was pretty with a lot of pretty houses that I'm sure have a million stories to tell if they could. We went to a garage sale early on Friday and I snagged a free cake stand and Chelsea got some pretty good crap too! It was a nice relaxing trip that I was glad for.