Thursday, January 21, 2010


My new vampire obsession is Vampire Diaries. It's a TV show on CW with THE hottest guy in the world. I personally think he should have played Edward. Anyways, I just finished watching the show and visited a favorite website of mine and saw this:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Let's just be honest here. My summer sucked and I didn't do anything blogworthy so I didn't blog. Then I was out of habit and I stopped taking pictures. It's been a gradual downhill slope but it's been noted. Let's be honest with another thing. I don't necessarily blog for anyone else but me and my future family. This is my way of keeping a journal because I've never been the "Dear Diary" kind of girl.

We'll start at Disneyland because that's as far back as I can remember. It was the trip from Hell. For me personally it started with the forgotten sweatshirt and the crappy gas station hot chocolate I bought. As I was driving I got a call about the tickets being wrong and I half expected my mom to tell me that the trip was cancelled and to turn around. But no, us Watkins are stubborn and we trudge ahead. We ended up switching the tickets for annual passes (I still don't understand the logic.) I met up with Hillary and fam in Barstow and left my car at Flying J to save gas. We get there pretty late and grab the kids and bags and make it to our swanky hotel "The Menage"-no joke. We laughed about it the whole weekend. I personally hurt my pinky toe and thought that tennis shoes would be the best way to go. I was so wrong. I totally just needed flip flops. Anyways, after a few exhausting fun filled days, Saturday arrives and my dad leaves to go get something from Jason's (Jeremiah's brother) work. He calls and tells us his truck is broken and we're stranded. Long story short, my dad goes to Barstow with Hillary and Jer and drives my car back to CA. Sunday morning Kayleigh is dropped off at the airport and we head back. We're about an hour away from Barstow when Jeremiah calls and tells my dad that he's been stranded at the Flying J-it's become the most popular place for us in Barstow. We get Jeremiah and he and my dad drive back to CA and my mom and I go to Kingman where I drop my mom off and drive back to Vegas. Here's a few pics from Disneyland that I stole of Hillary's blog.

This little girl was a con artist when it came
to talking us into buying her cotton candy.

On to Christmas. I had planned on working straight up until Christmas Eve because I was taking the week after off. I ended up getting sick with the worst cold known to man. I went to work Wednesday morning and lasted only 2 hours before they all told me to leave and I knew that if I waited any longer it wouldn't be safe to drive. I went home and slept. I only got up for the bathroom and water. I didn't go home early because the Vegas Mission Home had asked if I could bring packages back to Kingman so I wasn't able to leave until 2 pm Thursday. We had our big dinner Christmas Eve and it was DE-licious. I think Jer cooked the meat, that man has some mad skills. People should be his friend just to get some BBQ off of him. We did the Christmas story with the kids-I think only one of them wanted to play their part. The next morning we woke up early and loaded cars and headed over to Hillary's so we could all open presents together. We were able to take turns talking to the boys while the unwrapping was going on. The rest of the day was spent playing with new toys, eating delicious snacks, and playing the Wii. Best Christmas ever.

For New Years I went to San Diego to spend it with Lohol. Traffic was horrible! It took 7 hours to get there instead of the expected 5. It was way worth it though! It was great to spend time with Lohol. We went to Legoland with most of her family-here's a few pictures from that.

Since Chelsea and Ryan were in Kingman for New Years, I drove from CA to AZ to spend the weekend with them. We tried to see Avatar but it didn't work out so we just ended up playing Settlers :) Here's a video of Jack & Ellie from Sunday morning. It may or may not work, it's a known issue with blogger.