Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good News/Bad News

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago because I haven't really been before and I have weird embarrasing facial hair that I wanted fixed. She had me do some blood tests and my cholesterol is way too high and my testosterone is too high as well. At my first visit she put me on medication to help with the facial hair but it takes a few MONTHS to kick in.
This time around I've been told that I need to start the South Beach diet to help control the cholesterol since she doesn't want to put me on anything unless absolutely necessary. She said something about my body not being able to handle the glucose intake. It's been 3 weeks between visits and I gained 4 pounds and I've even been watching what I eat! She said I have PCOS and it's making me gain weight and gave me something to help that. Not birth control but I'm sure that's just around the corner.
Good news is that we're figuring out the problems and it's not completely my fault that I'm gaining weight! Bad news is that I have to start taking medicine everyday. :(


My birthday wasn't a huge deal to me this year, not sure why because normally I LOVE my birthday. For obvious reasons. We went to dinner at a place called Citris Grill with my favorite people...the food was good and I would probably go again. The table was disgustingly sticky and the service was slow. Jen also also had fries dumped on her and they didn't give her anything for free AND they didn't replace the fries! Here's me and Brant at the restaurant. I really had no idea that my cleavage was so omnipresent! I'm even wearing a Shade shirt to take care of that.
After dinner we went up Millcreek Canyon for s'mores with the branch for FHE. There was some railing that we sat on and Jenny and I made sure the tree was behind us because, as Jenny put it, we were afraid that Jeff would come and try to push us backwards as a joke. Here's me getting sap out of my hair because I got too close. I also found some getting ready for work in the morning and had to cut it out.

They made me a birthday "cake" out of matchbook matches and marshmallows and then had everyone sing to me and made me blow out the "candles." I was laughing so hard that I had trouble blowing them out and since they were matches, they wouldn't go out!
From left to right is Jenny, Jeff, and Rick. Rick did that face on purpose, but he also normally looks that dumb anyways. I think Jenny was bored before we even got there.Jeff and Jenny are awesome! Jeff and I got in several tiffs while at dinner and also at the fire. He likes to remind me that I'm impatient and bossy and I remind him that I don't care. He did cook us up some great Starbursts though! It's the coolest thing, let them bubble, cool down, and it's all crunchy on the outside but warm and gooey on the inside.Me and Brant. This was near the very end when the eagle scouts forgot their training and dumped water all over the fire to put it out. There was smoke everywhere so I went and sat on a rock. Brant thought I wanted to just be left alone so he had to confer with Kayleigh before he would come and sit by me.

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Real Date

Thursday night I went on a first date with a guy named Brant. I met him online so I had decided that a movie was a good thing to do in case he annoyed me and I wouldn't have to talk to him. We met at Jordan commons around 7:30 and got tickets for Get Smart. (Yes, he paid) I had no expectations of this date so I wasn't nervous one bit but Brant seemed like he was nervous but was trying to play it cool. I obviously haven't been on a date in a while because the commercials were playing before the movie and I was content to just sit there and watch them but he kept asking me questions and was trying to get to know me. I caught on and started talking back and didn't realize that the movie was starting. He was cute and asked me if it was too early to be holding my hand. I sassed back and said that if he had to ask, then he couldn't. He caught on and grabbed my hand about 30 seconds later. He was nice during the entire move and I felt completely comfortable around him. Afterwards he walked me to my car and I gave him a ride to his since his was a ways away. I pulled up behind his car and Brant said something like, "Well, ok" and just got out and shut the door. I was confused for a while but then he walked around to my window and I rolled it down and he said thank you to me and then reached in to give me a hug. Then he steps back, moves forward, then steps back again and finally goes in for the kill. I felt bad that he was so nervous, poor guy!

The 4th

I LOVE the 4th of July! It's right up there with Christmas and my birthday. I had a BBQ at my house and told everyone 3ish and they speak my language so everyone was at the house around 4:30. We had the normal BBQ food of hamburgers and chips and soda. I totally spaced utensils though and we had the borrow the neighbors spatula because I didn't have one for my grill, metal OR plastic! After the food we went inside and played Phase 10 until Jenny and Jeff had to leave to go say hi to Megan who was having friends over as well. At around 8 we left for Sugarhouse park to watch fireworks. While waiting for it to get dark, we convinced my mom to play with us. That was a cause for fireworks all on its own! My parents aren't gameplayers so it takes a lot of whining from our side to get them to play. She was pretty good too! She hung in there with the best of us!

Apparently Jenny did something to upset Jeff. It was a pretty intense game all around. I don't remember what brought Kenny and Kayleigh to blows.

I have to say, the fireworks were pretty lame. I thought Kingman's were better and I know that SLC has a much bigger budget for theirs. We didn't even have any patriotic music playing while they were going off. I miss the days when my sisters and I are all together for the 4th and we'd be corny and sing the Star Spangled Banner near the end of the show.
After everything was over we went back to the parking lot to see the grid lock that was going on. We decided to just hang out and went to Hogi Yogi for some shakes. Kenny also started directing traffic and some of the cars actually listened to him! I love my funny family!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Moving Day

What a day! I took the day off of work because there was so much work to do! I really need to downsize and give things to DI but I didn't have time or energy to do it that day. Here's how my room looked at 2pm that day and everyone was going to be at my house at 6!
Luckily there were late and didn't show up until around 6:30. They brought 4 trucks and one trailer and we filled them all! I'm SO glad that I sold my couches so we wouldn't have to move those too. In the truck in blue is Osiris, Jeff has the red headband on and Christian is in grey with Adam in blue.
Sierra came to help out and I was so glad and appreciative! She made everything fun in an otherwise stressfull situation. I have a huge mirror that several people have complimented me on and the guys kept teasing me about dropping it. I told them that they could break anything else except for that mirror! I got it for $20 in CA and it would cost about $300 to replace.
This is what my new house looked like until Monday night when we finally arranged the new couches I bought.
Speaking of which.....We got the couches at the RC Willey clearance center and it was like being attacked by used car salesman. I got some great deals but WOW! talk about being given the run around. One man kept calling me kiddo which I found annoying. If I'm old enough to buy my own couches, I'm old enough to not be called kiddo! He was the one that was the most helpful so I just bit my tongue. My mom also could not resist shopping because that's what we Watkins do best and bought herself an armchair. I won on my deals though. I got a couch that seats 3 whole people for $200 and she got a chair that seats only one person for $300. The loading boys started laughing at us when we returned a THIRD time to put more things in the back of my dad's truck. I think we probably spent about 5 hours at RC Willey that day.