Sunday, December 21, 2008

Per Chelsea's request

Me falling after the first round. Crystal and I tied the first time so here's round numero dos

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jenny's Shower

Megan and I had a shower for Jenny Tuesday night. I was so stressed about it but after it was over, I thought, what the heck was my problem! I think this was the 4th shower Jenny was having and this one was close friends so we decided to do lingerie themed. When they got there, we told them they had to give themselves the best bed hair and Jenny would choose the winner. Wren, in red, won the prize!

After the hair, we had soup for dinner and then we had Jenny open her gifts. Below is Jenny reading a pamphlet that her sister gave her about using condoms. Whoever wrote it had an awesome sense of humor and we were cracking up at the real life scenarios they had.
After the gifts we played another game that involved having a hot dog dangling from a string at knees length and trying to get it in a bottle. I have several pictures of those, but I have no idea if my dad reads this blog and if he does, it's better they stay off. The game was hilarious though! Crystal and I tied for first so we went again making the string shorter and we tied again for that one. I was the host so I couldn't win anyways so I declared Crystal the champion. We also read off Jenny's reactions to her gifts. The favors were caramel apples but we called them "forbidden fruit." We sat around and chatted for a bit and everyone left around 9:30sih.
Cleanup was so easy! I should make soup all the time. It took Megan and me about 20min to get the kitchen taken care of and then we sat and watched The Biggest Loser finale while we ate ice cream. =)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Temple Square

We went to look at the lights Saturday night. It was freezing! And not the same if there isn't snow on the ground. We had to go to two different 7-11's to get hot chocolate before we hit the lights. The second one was shady and had a homeless man in a skirt smoking and drinking a beer and asking us for change. Pretty dang awesome.

Jeff kept taking random pictures of us when we were trying to do a real one. This is the only one that turned out groupwise. I'll post more later....maybe.

I was bored so I told them to pretend they're in jail.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scribble It GIVEAWAY!!!!

Scribble It GIVEAWAY!!!!

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Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving was hectic, to say the very least. I've learned that I can't handle large crowds of I won't be putting myself in those situations unless I can help it. Kayleigh and I drove home Tuesday night after work. I took a sleeping pill and fell asleep somewhere around Nephi and woke up right before St George. Totally the way to travel! It felt like only 10 minutes had passed by and even though we got to AZ around 2am, each of us had enough sleep on the way down to not feel the effects of sleep deprivation.

Wednesday we all slowly woke up around Hillary's house and had pancakes for breakfast. I was so excited to see Callie and Jack that I wanted to wake them up but for the sake of Hillary's sanity, I waited for them to get up on their own. Later on we went to my mom's house and then shopping for the events of the next day. Below us we see Darcy browsing a magazine as we're waiting for G-ma Green and Aunt Lorie.
Later that night we had soup at Hillary and Jeremiah's house. The pic below is so funny because Callie is watching a movie with a scary part (I think Disney's Robin Hood) and even though she's seen it quite often, she's still scared.
Let's skip over T-day because I was grouchy the whole day and would prefer to not bring it up. This is Hillary with her Black Friday loot on Saturday morning. She's teaching Ellie young. Look at how excited she is to be around new clothes! We went to Bullhead/Laughlin for Black Friday and the most expensive thing I got was Monopoly for $10. This year was a bust for me.
Ellie and her favorite aunt. She told me I was.

The chaos that was our Saturday.

When we were growing up, we would visit Grandma and Grandpa Green at their house in Mesa. Upstairs they had a pool table and a shelf with their bowling trophies that they'd won. Grandma Green played Wii Bowling with Callie and just barely took the victory! Callie is pretty awesome at the game. She put Grandpa Green to shame!

Sunday morning at the Divis house. Callie sleeps like a rock! Jack was making so much noise. I felt bad for the little guy....I babysat them Friday night and the track was the first thing he saw when we got inside and he was so excited to play with it and I wouldn't let him. I found out later that he'd never played with it before because there wasn't room for it in the old house. I had a talk with him about it the next morning and we hugged it out.