Saturday, September 27, 2008


No, not me! Jeff and Jenny are officially engaged! From what I remember of the story, Jeff left notes all over the place for Jenny that said I love you because... and had different reasons why he loved her. They went to the temple later that night and then for a drive around the Capital building. He said he had something for her in his trunk and returned with a notepad from work. After a roll of the eyes from Jenny, he gave her another thing that had another note along with the ring underneath.

Jeff was asked about their relationship quite a bit this last weekend and he said that they started dating in April (I say May, but he might be right this time) And then he was asked who was more into the relationship first, him or Jenny. He said Jenny and I openly disagreed. He was always asking me to take pictures of them together long before they were dating as well as making stone art (see above) with their initials while they were still in the hang out phase. Jenny may not take my side on this one, but I'm always right on my blog.

Moving on to Jenny herself. Jeff truly is blessed to have found a girl like her. She has the patience that I wish I could have just a fraction of! She is the most easy going girl that I have ever met. Jenny was my first friend in the ward and she is what has made such a difference in my desire to keep going. I love the fact that I can tell her that "I've had it" and she completely understands what I mean. I think it's great when you can become such good friends with a person that you can communicate with looks instead of words. I have had the best summer that I can remember because of Jenny and the friends that I have made because of knowing her.

Roughin It

My ward went camping this weekend to a stake property around Kamas (past Park City, pretty much BFE). I've found that I can deal with camping as long as there's some kind of toilet. I hate feeling dirty but the wonders of technology have given us sanity cloths and those were my best friend for the past 16 hours. Jeff, Brant, Megan and I went up Friday night with Megan going home because she had work the next morning. What a trooper for even coming at all I say!
We had delicious chili with chips and cheese. Throughout the night everyone sat around this huge fire pit that was about 5 feet wide, while others played games. If you know me at all, you don't even have to ask whether I played games or not. We played a card game called Up and Down the River where you have to bet how many rounds you will win for that deal. Jeff and I tied for second, but I was sitting next to the guy that won and he totally cheated, rendering his win false and making Jeff and me the champions! We also played Catch Phrase later on that night. Some of the things the had were utterly ridiculous! How do you explain rubber nipple to a crowd of LDS people!?!?

Brant, Jeff and Carrie are pictured here. They weren't ready for my camera.
Brett being his usual self.
Girl in green is Michelle. She's absolutely wonderful because I know that I can talk openly with her and she can empathize. We both like sushi mucho!

The night was cold but not so cold that you couldn't sleep. I was in a tent by myself with an air mattress and a down comforter. That's another reason why I didn't mind the camping :) I didn't go to sleep until 2:30 that night and woke up around 6 because Jeff was walking like a bear around camp and woke me up. Once I wake up in the morning, I have to go to the bathroom and if I fight it, I just lay there and can't sleep. I foolishly did that for an hour before I admitted defeat and just woke up for the day. After breakfast we decided to play chubby bunny. I lost horribly but I do have to say, for a girl, I held my own. I got 11 and Brant only got 12. Jeff anhilated us with 15.

Me telling them how many I currently had in my mouth

All in all it was a fun time but by 10am, I had lost it from being so sleep deprived and pretty much bit Jeff's head off more than once. He probably only deserved it half the time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mi Casa

My house isn't finished yet. I'm a lazy girl. But here's what it looks like so far.

Labor Free Weekend

Kayleigh and I went to Kingman for Labor Day Weekend and I was able to talk our cousins Chris and Renee to come with their little girl Jayda. It was so nice to veg out for 3 days straight. I'll admit that we had some bigger dinners and I lost it. No tears, just snide remarks to everyone around me. I really don't know how to delegate. Well, I do, but I like things done my way and would rather do it myself if people don't want to do it my way. I know, I'm crazy, but at least I admit it! We played Settlers of Cataan and I WON! I hardly ever win against Jeremiah and was extra surprised because Chris is a very good player too! Hillary and Renee are great players but all three of us are more consistantly losing than winning (sorry girls). Hillary took on the huge task of going through all of her baby clothes and getting rid of the ones she doesn't want and reorganizing the ones that she does. Jack and Jayda had a fun time playing in the plastic containers. Hillary thought it would be fun to have Jack try on one of his Halloween outfits. That's a onesie. Kenny, Kayleigh, and Stuart don't play games as often as the rest of us. I'm not sure if they like playing games. They're more of a movie going crowd. As you can tell, Kenny is so excited to be playing with us.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Phelps needs some manners

No this isn't real, but completely hilarious!