Monday, February 2, 2009


For FHE tonight we wrote 4 things about ourselves and then the Bellamy's picked one, wrote it on the board and people had to guess what fact was about which person out of our 6 person group. That was fun but the best part was the cookies! They had frosting and sprinkles for us to decorate our cookies with. Here's what Megan and I did with ours. Very 8th grade. Very us.

Here's some pics of yesterday. Kayleigh and I were invited to Aunt Lorie's house by G-ma Green to watch the SuperBowl and have snacks. Here's what's left of the spread.

And here's the fans in their supporting colors.

Life is Good

Sunday was Fast Sunday and I kinda wanted to bear my testimony but I ended up not doing it. I feel like I talk a lot anyways and people are probably tired of hearing me. So here's a tidbit...
I know this is weird but I was watching The Office as I got ready for church and it was an episode where they had to lose weight for a contest and Andy said "This is the hardest thing I've ever done...I haven't had a very hard life." And I hear that as I am getting ready in the dress I'm wearing so that I can match my new purse that I was able to buy. I haven't had a very hard life either. I have had a few emotional struggles but that's nothing compared to even my good friends. My parents did a good job raising me. I know that they had struggles years ago, but while it was happening, I never knew. I always had a place to come home to and I never went to bed hungry (unless I was being punished.) There's so many people struggling right now and I have a secure job and even if I were to lose that one, I know my company would help me get placed somewhere else. Even though I may complain about the little things that happen, there's never been big things for me to worry about. I don't know what I did in the pre-existence to be so blessed, but whatever it was, I'm glad for the life I've been given.

Another thing I'm grateful for is the friends that I have. As people were going up to the stand I kept thinking, "Oh I love Nicole, or, Tasha is great." Even though we're not the kind that hang out all the time, I know that if I needed anything the people in my ward are there for me, not just because they feel obligated, but because they care. I've had a few Sundays when all it took was Megan or Jenny asking if I was ok and me just bursting into tears and they would sit and talk me through everything. I have always had great friends that have seen me through things when my family is so far away. I'm grateful for these blessings that have been given to me throughout my life and I hope that I can stay worthy to keep receiving them.

Pretty Things

I went shopping this Saturday. I felt like I deserved it. I haven't been shopping in a long time and I really wanted a new purse. I went to TJ Maxx to see if they had any new Guess purses in and they did! Here is what I found:

This one is by Nine West and was only $7. I took it to church and got 3 compliments.

I consider that a good buy :) It looks better in real life.

On a side note- How hilarious was The Office on Sunday?!

Kevin, I couldn't decide between a fat joke or a dumb joke. ROASTED!

Ode to the Iron


This gift from the 'rents came on Christmas morn
The wrapping paper was quickly torn.
It's the exact thing I dreamed of!
I immediately fell in love.
Though I have burns a plenty,
fifteen, maybe twenty,
This iron rocks!
It gives me such pretty locks.
Though Jilbere make this tool no more
I will always love and adore
this gift of gifts, this electric machine
this spiral iron of my dreams.
(ok, retardedness over)

I got this for Christmas and I have used it at least 3 times a week since. The first few weeks I got burned a lot because I can't see the back of my head and I can't do the whole "look in the mirror and move your hand the right direction" thing very well. My hair actually stays curled the entire day! It doesn't look so hot in the morning, but who cares! I shower every morning so it makes no diff to me. I liked it so much I started calling around to see if Sally's has any left so I have a back up in case this one dies. (They discontinued this brand, dang economy!) It literally can take minutes to put a wave in my hair. True spiraling takes longer but way cute too.

Thanks Mom and Dad! You're the best parents I've ever had!
Picture of the waves. Aren't I clever to take it by a mirror so you can see the back? I think so.