Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I'm sure everyone has all read the Twilight series. I have and LOVED them! I was so stoked when I heard they were making a movie and the author actually picked some pretty good actors for the cast. I did some searching online today and it looks like FOX was going to make the movie but dropped it and then Warner Bros picked it up. It kind of stinks though because FOX had the author's actors casted and Warner Bros picked totally new people. Edward is the main male character in the book and he's supposed to be ridiculously good looking and he's not! They've also done this weird thing with his hair and in the trailer he's giving Bella serial killer looks. I'll still probably go see it opening weekend but I'm not as excited as I once was. Watch the trailer so you can decide for yourself.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Game

We went to a Salt Lake Bees baseball game Friday night. It was just a small group but most everyone prefers it that way and it's less stress. I invited this guy Jaaz (Jaze) because he's been pestering me to hang out with him and I figured it would be better to have him come to a group thing than to do a one on one. The game was boring and Jaaz kept saying random things. He told me a joke that sounded like something Michael Scott would tell.

One cool thing that happened was the coach from the visitors team got in a fight with the umps. We don't even know what it was over but their faces were so close one might think they were kissing.

We got a group pic but Jaze decided to ruin it. Left to right is Jeff, Jenny, Megan, me, Jaze. I thought about photoshopping the retard out but it just wouldn't work.

I had to take Jaze home because he left his car at the Trax station on 106th. I was dreading it because he might bring up hanging out again. It went great until I pulled onto the street for the Trax station and he suggested that he come back to my house so we could watch a movie. I faked tired and said no. He then said that we should hang out in the morning so I reminded him that I had just said I wasn't a morning person. So he suggested lunch. The kid really doesn't give up. As I he was getting out of the car he also brought up that we should make out soon. He's a good looking guy but we have nothing in common and I'm not willing to make him another project. One plus of the night, I look cute in the above picture.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Meet Nick.
(name changed for no reason at all)

Nick is one of the branch flirts. He recently caught up with technology and gained the ability to do text messages. Don't say it, I know. Ever since Nick found this wondrous thing, he began texting me a couple of times a day. My first encounter was getting onto him because I misunderstood his comment, luckily it didn't phase him and two days later, more texts were on their way. His first text is usually "Wht r u up 2 little lady" making me feel like a 90 year-old 4 foot grandma. The conversation that ensues is usually me inviting him to join me in whatever I'm doing and him declining but still texts and flirts with me. On Friday I told him we were watching a movie and offered him a pick of three people to make out with, (not seriously, of course) he answered back saying "No Tara?" Since that's a special request he didn't feel qualified. After two hours of this high school flirting, he asks what I'm doing and by this time I'm dropping people off. He then comments on how I have a crush on a weird guy from the branch and I answer him back and he falls off the face of the earth.
Same thing occurs the next day, Saturday.
Sunday comes around and I wow everyone with my Lucille Ball/Bozo the Clown colored hair. I'm not sure if they're complimenting me because they actually like it, I hate it, or because I'm the church bully and they have to be nice to me because I'll tear them apart otherwise. Nick likes the color and lets me know over a text and a 2 hour text conversation starts.
Then comes branch prayer. Nick is surprised that I'm going because I've never gone to one in the last 3 months that they've had them. We show up late and the only seat available is right next to him. My lucky night! WRONG! As soon as the greet part of the night starts, he is flocked by the other girls and doesn't even try to get my attention. He does however touch me everytime he passes by. First time I'm sitting down so he grabs the top of my head and squeezes. Who does that? And then as he's leaving later, he's parting the crowd and his arms lingers around my back, but he still had not said a word to me all night. I have a friend Jeff that we jokingly say we're getting married so I ended up talking with him most of the night so it wasn't as if I were just a loner, no pity needed. About 30 min after Nick left, we begin texting again and it ended up badly, I shunned him for being retarded. Now tonight he asks me if I'm going to FHE and then tells me after a few exchanged texts that he's not going because he doesn't feel up to it. He's been shunned again.


Ok, in a nut shell, you all get to learn about why my life is so "special" sometimes.