Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brant Revisited

Last Wednesday Brant wanted to have another DTR. I told him again that I didn't see our relationship going beyond dating so that if he didn't want to date, I was fine with that, because it would only hurt him in the end. (I haven't had romantic feelings for him at all.) He decides to keep hanging out and the last time I saw him was on Friday. Plans for Saturday and Sunday fall through and he's acting weird on Monday so I ask him what's up and he tells me that I'm right and there's no point in pursuing a relationship. He thinks that I'm upset and keeps apologizing and I can't believe the ego most guys have. It's a huge relief to me but I'm kinda bummed because I was going to get to go to Lake Powell and now I'm not!

I saw on Facebook today that he's dating someone already and I tell him congrats. This is the message that I get back from him. "yea... she is an rm, and she is absolutely wonderful. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about her before. I was just kinda waiting to see if it was going to go anywhere. I hope there are no hard feelings." There are a few things wrong with what he has said. Number 1, of course there aren't hard feelings, he's just someone to make out with. And B, I've been through his phone several times and he has started talking to this girl maybe in the past week.

It really does amaze me how thick he has been. It's like I say, We will never get married and his mind processes it as, Keep spending time with me and I'll change my mind. Seriously. I'm not mad about the other girl thing because, again, no feelings for Brant. I just can't believe how full of himself he is that he thinks my heart has been broken because of a 6 week time period.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wicked Deal

Chelsea's always bragging about the great deals that she finds, but I think that mine takes the cake!

I have been in dire need of a dresser ever since I moved into my new house. I've found a few I liked on craigslist but they've always been sold by the time I called about them. I decided to bite the bullet and just buy an ugly one from Walmart if it could be $100 or less. I go and look in their furniture dept. and find one for $25! I didn't think that it was the real price but I figured they would have to honor it if it wasn't. So I frantically find a worker before anyone else sees the price and snag it. I couldn't find anyone for about 5 minutes so I started freaking out but finally found an old man to help me with it. The thing is heavy! Normal price is $179 so that means I got an 86% discount.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From Jack

Jack: Hi TT, I miss you.
Me: I miss you too Jack, I'm going to see you soon.
Jack: I hope you go on a mission
Me: Should everyone go on a mission?
Jack: Yes, I'm going to hang up now.

Conversations with Callie

Callie called me last week just to say hi. She has really picked up on a lot of stuff that Hillary says on the phone. She started out with a "How's it goin?" She also asked me what I was doing so I told her I was driving home from work. She scolded me and said "You shouldn't be driving and talking on your phone TT, you can get in trouble." I'm not sure who told her that because EVERYONE in my family talks and drives. I told her that if I hung up that I would have to stop talking to her. She let me keep driving as long as I was very careful.

She also told me that I should come for a visit and I told her that I would come soon.
TT: Should we do something fun when I'm there?
Callie: What do you want to do?
TT: How about we go shopping?
Callie: TARGET!! (way to go Hill, not even one in your city and that's her first choice.) When we go you can get me a treat, and bubble gum, and a toy!
TT: Should we get something for Jack?
Callie: Yes, just bubble gum
TT: No treat?
Callie: No, only I get a treat

She also called me today and told me about her first day of pre-school and how she got a sticker for following the rules. I asked her if she was going to make lots of new friends and she said, I sure hope so!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Accidents Will Happen-Especially to Me!

On Tuesday around 11:45 am I was just minding my business waiting at a red light when my car is rear ended causing me to smash into an armored truck. The guys in the truck get out of their car as I'm getting out of mine and we're making sure everyone is ok. The lady behind me is getting out of her car and keeps apologizing to me for hitting me. I tell her it's ok and we're all fine so she'll stop apologizing. I've rear ended someone before and remember how bad I felt about it and I was sure she felt the same. Then I noticed the car behind her is still there and HE'S getting out of his beater. It turns out that the guy rear ended her, she hit me, I hit the truck. I have no idea why the lady was saying sorry, the guy smashed her pretty hard and hitting me was unavoidable.

The irritating thing is that the man who caused it all didn't even apologize to any of us! We all pull into the WalMart parking lot and he starts throwing up and his daughter tells us that he had surgery on his foot that morning. The police officer said "he had surgery on his foot and he's driving?" The daughter then said that they thought he would be ok to drive. Apparently not!

My car got the most damage out of it because I hit the armored truck. The back bumper has to be buffed and my front one has to be replaced AGAIN! This is the 5th bumper that my poor car will have on it. No bruises or whiplash from this one at least. Here's an ugly picture of how we looked.
____Truck__________Me________Lady__ World's biggest idiot

Down with South Beach

Ok, for anyone that can actually stick with the South Beach Diet, they deserve a medal! It SUCKS! It doesn't help that the new medication that I'm on makes me feel like throwing up and the only time it doesn't is when I have a stomach full of carbs, which is a huge no no on the South Beach. Those happy people on their website are liars.