Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Project Numero Uno

I didn't like the color of my kitchen cabinets so I decided to restain them. Had I known how long it would take and the mess involved, I would have just left them. I don't think the original color is horrible, I just thought it would look way better with a different color.

This is how my kitchen looked for almost a full week. The sanding took forever! I already had a palm sander but it broke on me so I bought a new one since I wasn't about to hand sand over half the cupboards. Luckily, Walmart has them for $25 dollars! My kitchen table needs to be resanded so I thought the investmest is more than worth it.

The stain that I used didn't require anything to be wiped off, but it did have to dry for 6 hours between coats. The second coat was giving me issues-the stain was drying faster than the first coat and was really tacky. I think the reason may be because it was an opened can I was using. It was annoying so I opened a second can and things worked out better. Here's the final color.

It's not as dark as I wanted and a little more red than I wanted, but it works. There's definitely room for me to improve my staining technique, but for now, I'm calling it quits!


Why do you people let me do this?! Below are pictures of the dishes that I own. I think I have around 6 of each color and there are 4 colors. I get like this all the time; I see an awesome deal and buy way more than what even 2 people should own.

And that's not all. There's more in the cupboard. I unpacked all my kitchen boxes and found only 2 bowls. 2! After Christmas 2008, I also bought white dishes from Walmart, so I have two massive sets of dishes. The bright side is that since I'm getting roommates, it's not a big deal if anything breaks.

On a sadder note, here's my first casualty of moving. When I was unpacking I grabbed it by the handle and all that came up was the handle!