Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pioneer Day Weekend

My family went to Kanab area over Pioneer day weekend for some R&R and dune riding.  I drove up early Saturday and spent the day hanging out with them and celebrating Jeremiah's birthday.  The parents took the young kids to a swimming center around noon and came back around 4. It was definitely a good day.  I wasn't brave enough to take a quad out on the dunes but Kayleigh and I took the kids out on the Rhino (suped up golf cart) a couple of times.  We had chicken tacos for dinner and german chocolate cake for dessert.  Here's Jer's cake and candles.

Jack took full advantage of the fact that parents weren't watching as closely as normal and proceeded for pick his nose for quite some time.  I didn't feel like being a mean aunt so I let him do whatever.

Ellie kept her bathing suit on for a bit but eventually peed and had to have her diaper changed.  She absolutely refused to let anyone put pants or shorts on her.  She also found a bag of Doritos to snack on before dinner and I'm sure she fell in the dirt a couple times.  This is how she got to be in the state that she's in.  During dessert I was taking pictures and asked her to start making faces and this is what I got.

This girl has the cuteness of Callie and the antics of Jackson.  It'll be amazing if Hillary and Jeremiah can keep their sanity with a 4th!

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